Control Tower, can't delete BP history

Hello, I have 10 diferent BP in my control tower, I have scheduled the BP, so every 15 mins all the BP’s are launched.

So at the end of the day I have to many results, like you can see in this image:

When I try to delete 100 or 500 of them at the same time, the control tower doesn’t do anything and it stay like this:

I have to wait like 2 mins and reload the dasboard in the browser (http://localhost:15280/workfusion/secure/dashboard)

So I only can delete 20 or 10 BP results at the same time and allways I have more than 1000… so it is pretty upset.

What can I do?



It depends on your PC resources, so now you can delete process instances in 10-20 batches.

In next releases we will include a new version of Control Tower where this problem is fixed.


Oh, ok but i have 16 GB of RAM and a i7 CPU of last generation.

I have one more question…

How can I save the Control Tower schedule? , because when I update the program to a new version alll the schedules are deleted.


@joreian - not now.

Only your processes can be backed up -