Control Tower credentials not working

When I try to enter the Control Tower it prompts me for credentials, when I try to enter my credentials it doesn’t work.
Is there a way of resetting them for the Control Tower specifically, I am only able to reset the Forum ones.

Thank you!

@SamRosado - have you changed the Control Tower credentials?

If not - use workfusion/workfusion

Thank you for the help

Hello! What’s the login and password to access Control Tower?


Good Day,

I also cannot login to Control Tower - What Username and password do you use?


@trajano_leme @wilmar_meyer2K
Hi, the default username and password are - workfusion/workfusion


Thanks Alesia :nerd_face: I tried loging in before opening the guide haha - You are a :star:

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Unable to login on Control Tower
with credencial workfusion/workfusion
please suggect me ASAP
i am using Version 2.1-beta
WorkFusion RPA Express

Hi @asinghal2SfmvB
You need to use credentials that you created when you installed RPA Express to log into Control Tower.

I have forgot that credential
can i restore that credential?

You can reset them. Follow this guide to do it

Thanks Ashapkina
Really you are champ.