Control Tower error

while trying to run business process from Control tower I faced this Error
“groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: workfusion_bot_task_service_registry for class: Script1_genScript_1’”

can anyone support to solve this error?

Hi @o_islam_elba1a could you please share the recording you are trying to run?
Does it work when you run it from the Recorder?

Yes, it is working normally

@o_islam_elba1a could you share the recording you are trying to run?
Thank you

here is the recording file compressed (6.7 KB)

Thank you @o_islam_elba1a . Could you please also send the rpa logs to see the details of the error C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs

rpa-node0-2018-09-04.0.log (1.9 MB)

rpa-hub-2018-09-04.0.log (294.6 KB)

@o_islam_elba1a the reason might be the Secure Storage variable “pass”. There is currently no integration between Secure storage in WF Studio and Control Tower (we are adding it in the next release).

Try deleting the variable, then publish the recording to Control Tower again and run it.

It is working now.
Thank you for your support

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Glad I could help