Control Tower Feature Requests


I can see a few issues that would be VERY helpful for the user base if they were addressed.

  1. Server Time Setting v. Users: I have read many issues about users being confused between their PC time and the Server time, EVEN WHEN the “server” is on their PC. I think by default when installing the server software, it should default to the local machine time. That way, if installing on a PC, it will match the PC time, and if on a server, match the server time.

  2. Schedules: We should have the ability to modify any schedule that is not currently running. Modify in this case means any change, such as Input file, start and end dates, times, frequency, etc. The requirement of having to copy an existing schedule in order to change the time or frequency seems to overly complicated and unnecessary in my opinion.

  3. Processes: I think of Processes as something that I can run manually, run on a schedule, or both. Therefore, I feel we should be able to edit these as well. Again, why need to copy an existing process when we simply want to change something. Or should “Processes” be called “Runs” and then add a section called "Saved Processes?

  4. (THIS IS A BIG ONE) There needs to be more detailed Access Control functionality. Being able to restrict which processes are visible to certain users is almost a must. Finance for example would NOT want every other user to be able to see all finance processes. There should be a very robust control system for firms that would have dozens of users, perhaps hundreds of processes. Think BIG Scale!!! :slight_smile:

This platform is really exciting, but I think there needs to be some usability discussions/forums to get the items in place that are important to the user base.

Thanks Team!!

Thanks Jim, we’ll take it into consideration when planning future Control Tower developments.