Control tower is not running



hello friends,

Is it possible when I logged on to my machine RPA Express & Control Tower will be run automatically.
As if now, I will have to open one by one.

please help…


Hello Vikas, Yes, I believe at this time you must load these items one by one since that is the way it has been configured (out-of-the-box). It has been initially set-up this way so it does not take up too much of machine memory; however perhaps look at the preferences, startups and shutdowns and reconfigure how your WorkFusion is setup, and there is other configurations you may wish to change also. You may wish to also read more of the user guide information, click here which I find most useful. Cheers.


Thanks Louise for the response.

can you help me to understand the step by step instructions for making database connection in RPA express.
I did not get any complete help for DB connection specifically for Mysql connection.

that’s really important for a workflow which usually perform these actions extract/transformation/load (ETL).

please help…!


You are welcome Vikas, sorry I’m not understanding your question and am not able to provide step by step instructions for you. Perhaps others are able to better understand and respond.