Control Tower is not starting in 2.2

Hi AshapKina,

I facing similar problem, are you able help me to look for my logs and give me some hints on it? I am stuck at this stage for 2 weeks. (4.4 MB)

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @andreako. Which RPA Express version is installed on your PC? You can check it in Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features.

Dear Valeryia,

WorkFusion RPA Express
Thank you for your help.

Dear Valeryia,

When i check the system process @ Platform Monitor, all the processes are running except tomcat.

what should i do to solve this problem?

Thank you.

Thanks @andreako. Could you please also check your system properties according our system requirements ? If you start Control tower from tray menu, what happens? Does it change status from “Not started” to “Starting”? And what the next?

Yes, my laptop is according to system requirements as shown below :

CPU: 4C/8T @ 4.2 GHz
Logical Processors : 8
windows 10
Memory: 8 GB
Disk Space : more than 40 GB

If i start control tower from tray menu, it show “starting” but after wait for more than 5 minutes, it will become “Not started”.

If i type http://localhost:15280/workfusion/login in the browser, it shows following error message :

This site can’t be reached

localhost refused to connect.


When check from Platform Monitor, TomCat is “stopped” state.

Attached Troubleshooting 20190227.xlsx (319.8 KB)
for your perusal.

Thank you.

Thank you for the details.
Could you please check how much free memory is during starting Control Tower? I recommend you to close all other applications and then start Control Tower and check whether it starts successfully. Sometimes it can take more than 10 minutes to up.

Hi Valeryia,

I have follow your instruction to close all the applications and start control tower again, it still unable to starts. I have screen shot for your perusal.
Unable to start Control Tower .xlsx (519.7 KB)

thank you.

Hello @andreako.
Sorry for the delay. Could you please attach log files from folder C:\RPAExpress\RPA\wfagent\logs\ ? You can zip all of them into one archive.

I’m having the same issues. Control goes from “starting” to “not started” whenever I try to launch it.

Hello @FunkyBunhcesOfOats.
Did you check whether your PC meets system requirements: ?
Also I can suggest try to close all applications, start RPA Express, wait till all bots and OCR are started. Then start Control Tower and wait 5-10 minutes.
By the way, which RPA Express version is installed on your PC? Can you check in Control Panel - Programs and Features?

Hello @FunkyBunhcesOfOats.
Did this solution from @valeryia_rabchykava help you?

It does not work. Yes I meet the minimum requirements. Version 2.2.21080 is installed.

I was using it fine on 2.1 since launch. Only after I upgraded does Control Tower refuse to launch.
It goes “Starting”->“Not Started” whenever I try.

Could you please attach archives with logs from folder:

  • C:\RPAExpress\RPA\wfagent\logs
  • C:\RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\logs

Thank you in advance. (1.5 MB) (95.3 KB)

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Thanks a lot @FunkyBunhcesOfOats! Could you please also advise which version you had previously? Did you update it or uninstall previous and install 2.2.2?

I had 2.1 and updated it.

Thanks. I will forward your question to our support team. They will contact you via email.