Control tower issue

Workfusion control tower (277.5 KB)

Hi my workfusion is not starting. Seems to be having paypal issues…

Can someone help please? Attached log.

Hi @Remie9.
Is this still actual? I see several exceptions in your log files, but they are not enough for investigation. Could you please send all the rest of files from folder C:\RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\logs?

Which version of RPA Express do you use? Please find version number in Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features.

Hi Lera,

Thanks for the reply. I’m using this version below and also attached latest log. Tried to restart it today also. (161.5 KB)

Thank you. Could you please send all logs from c:\RPAExpress\Agent\Logs? When did this issue occur? Right after installation or later? If later, did you change anything on your PC?

Hi here are the logs it happened much alter after installation and also my pc did shutdown due to a power cut
Seems that the issue is intermittent sometimes it starts sometimes it does not. (33.4 KB)

Thank you.
Can you please also provide your PC properties?

Thanks. One more question. Did you set option “Always running” or keeping “Manual control”?

Always running

Thank you. So I would recommend to check how much other applications you have opened while RPA Express is starting. Sometimes it may cause the issue with Control Tower launch, as it takes enough of resources on your PC.

Does the log file show this? and if Yes where? I would like to know so that I can check if I get similar issues. Thanks

It shows that sometimes you had an issue with one of component that required for Control Tower. You can also download the latest version 2.3.6 and check how it works with new version.

Hello @Remie9.

Did you try with new version?

Good point. I’m on an old version. I will update and try.


Installed the new version. Testing if my codes are still working fine.


Hello @Remie9.
Did you try with new version?

Installed the new version. Haven not tested it yet…a bit hectic here, sorry. will let you know once I can test it.

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