Control Tower : License expired while using RPA express


Hi team,
While using RPA express, I’m unable to publish bots into RPA Express-control tower. I’m unable to login into control tower from RPA express task-bar tray icon. On opening

, it is showing that the License is expired (Please refer the attached screenshot). Please let me know, how to resolve this.
I tried re-installing with new link, but result is the same.



Hi @amit_kumaramit the license expiration message is only related to RPA Express pro features. You can continue using them if buy a Pro subscription.

Other features are still available in the free version.


Please guide me how to use control tower in the existing setup.


@amit_kumaramit what is the setup? Is Control Tower installed on a different machine or the same one?

You can find the guide on Control Tower in the Knowledge base:

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Hi Ashapkina

How do I request a new user name and password for the Control Tower because the username and password I received with the installation does not work.

Is it better that I just install a new version and test this when doing that. We are running everything on the same machine so the control tower should after the 30 days trail has expired.

I look forward to your answer

Best regards,


The current installation has exceeded the 30 days trail.

BR Michael


Hi Michael, is Control Tower you are trying to access installed on a remote server machine or your local machine?


Hi Ashapkina,

Everything is installed in the same machine and I access the Control Tower from this machine (localhost). I tried the default user and PW workfusion/workfusion but I get to this page http://localhost:15280/workfusion/login?loginFailed=1 … wrong user name or password.

I NEVER changed the username or pw for the Control Tower or login to the Control Tower on this machine so I don’t understad why I get this error.

I just updated RPA Express on this machine and that did not change anything.

Can you please help me so that I can access the Control Tower?

Best regards


Hi Ashapkina,

I uninstalled RPA Express and installed it again to ensure that the default password and username was used the first time the software was installed. Afterwards I can access the Control Tower :slight_smile:

BR Michael


Hi @mc1 sorry for delay. I’m glad reinstallation helped.
It is also possible to modify the username and password for RPA Express now


Thanks, cool feature (Y)