Control Tower "Partially available" when started

Have just finished a RPA Express install on a newly built Win2016 Server. When I attempt to launch Control Tower from the System Tray, it takes 5-10 minutes to change from ‘Starting’ to active. In Platform Monitor, Control Tower ( is listed as ‘Partially available’ and RPA bot is listed as ‘Major outage’. Screen shot of Platform. attached. Not sure what the issue is. Any assistance appreciated. (145.1 KB)

Hi @sbeauchem,

‘Partially available’ is a standard status for Control Tower as RPA Express doesn’t use all its capabilities. Can you open http://localhost:15280/workfusion/ ?

As for the RPA Bot, please go to Platform Monitor - Control Panel - Bot Manager - localhost and check if all bots are started. If not, start them manually, then check again the status in Components. If the status has changed to “operational”, everything is fine. “Major Outage” can just mean that not all bots are running at the moment.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any other issues.

Thank you for the guidance!

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