Control tower playing previously deleted scheduled task

I had a few issues running some scheduled processes in the morning, so I deleted the schedules and the business processes. Restarted the computer and forgot about it. Now, a few hours later, I started the control tower again, and it immediately started playing one of the previously deleted scheduled task. There is nothing showing on the Schedules or Business Processes tabs.

How can I stop the running BPs?

Hi @oliver_aragon, did you only experience this problem only once or does it still happen?
Perhaps, the process was triggered before deleting, that’s why it resumed playing…

They did trigger before deleting, I shut off the control tower to stop them from triggering again. Now I started it up and they’re still triggering. They all fail, but then start back up after failing. How many times do they need to fail before they don’t restart again or how do I stop them from starting?

@oliver_aragon we haven’t encountered this issue before and will try to reproduce it.

As a rule, Control Tower tries to execute the business process 10 times if it fails before it stops completely. Try leaving the process on and see if it stops after 10 retries.

Hi @oliver_aragon
We weren’t able to reproduce such issue.

Could you please send the RPA logs in order to investigate?
They are located at C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs

It’s ok now, I had to reinstall to update the version anyway, so it’s not doing it anymore. Thanks.

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Thank you for the update @oliver_aragon