Control Tower Process error: RoboticsFlowPlugin executePlugin exception Xpath issue


I’m having issues running my process in the control tower; when it’s running on my computer it works fine.

It seems to not be able to click the xpath correctly. Is there a reason for that?

Attached my recording as well. FX Exposure (1.6 MB)

Thanks, YP

I run it on a VM and got the same error when I disconnect the remote program to VM. It worked fine when I keep connecting to the VM

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Hi Quy_Huynh_Thanh,

I am not using any VM though, just running the process using Control Tower. Are you doing the same?

Hi @yipeng_neo
Yes, I use the same action with you but It worked fine


You are using the following XPath: //*[@id="Month"]/option[164]

Please try to use single quotes and tell us the result: //*[@id='Month']/option[164]


Brilliant, thank you very much! :smiley:

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we seem to have the same issue even after changeting " " to ’ ’ on the xpath

Reason: ‘[urn:uuid:86BF78A4F94F1E72FE155240324109318] robotics-flow executePlugin exception: [nodeId=] Error executing TemplateAction[templateName=WebElementAction.ftl,id=11,name=Optional[WebElementAction],parent=6,nextSibling=12,arguments=ActionArguments[varName=[price],exactMatch=[true],xsi:type=[recorder:WebElementAction, recorder:WebElementAction],pollingInterval=[300],active=[true],searchInFrames=[false],delay=[100000],useElementAttribute=[false],timeoutMs=[10000],webElementLocatorType=[XPATH],comment=[Adding Price to List],webElementLocator=[//*[@id=‘knowledge-finance-wholepage__entity-summary’]/div/g-card-section/div/g-card-section/div[1]/span[1]/span/span[1]],awaitTimeout=[5000]]]’



@robertedelstein what XPath expression do you use? Can you find it on the page using Dev Tools?

@ashapkina I can run the process successfully using RPA express, Control Tower manually and scheduled while I am logged in to the VM however once I disconnect from the VM I get this error.

we did additional troubleshooting and added a screen capture before getting data using the Xpath - it seems that Control Tower doesn’t open the website
I attached the screen capture and the file we were trying to run (2.1 KB)