Control tower reading incorrectly

Good day

Please be advised that I am currently attempting to run a process in the control tower, the bot is supposed to iterate through a list of accounts and perform a function based on an image which appears or doesn’t, this has been working correctly until Thursday when it stopped working for roughly 5 accounts and then started to work again, today it has not been working at all, I have run the process on RPA Express and it works so everything is valid, another issue which I am having is when the bot copies accounts from Excel which it doesn’t copy the accounts correctly, manual work needs to be done, this has been a constant occurrence for the past 2 weeks.

Please advise what I should do in these instances?


Hi @peterjohn.preston what error does the business process fail with? Do you run it from your local RPA Express Control Tower?

Also, how does the bot copy accounts from Excel incorrectly? Could you please share how it is copied and how it should be copied?

Thank you

Hi @ashapkina please be advised that it is from my local RPA Express Control Tower.

I copy the accounts using the Excel get range to a table as there are a few fields which the system requires and then I use Keystroke variables to enter them into the respective fields.

Thank you @peterjohn.preston

could you also share the error with which the business process fails and provide more details about how data is copied incorrectly from Excel - does the bot add some characters to accounts or are there other issues?

@ashapkina please be advised that it’s a plug in errorError
the error actually happens before this as it needs to first close the one pop up which it doesn’t recognize and then close the next screen which appears.

The bot removes a character from the account.

@peterjohn.preston do you use Ctrl+F4 to close the pop-up? In this case it will close the whole tab in browser. Have you tried using a mouse click for closing the pop-up in this case?

Could you please send a file with test data with account numbers so we can test the Get range action on it from our side?

@ashapkina , for this I do use a mouse click but the issue is not closing the window the issue is when running the bot from Control tower it doesn’t always recognize the image, yesterday it didn’t see the image for over 3 hours and then all of a sudden it started recognizing it gain however during this time the recorder worked fine, this meant that I had to be in front of my PC trying to fix something which wasn’t broken.

I am unable to provide account numbers it’s against company policy.

@peterjohn.preston thank you for the clarification.
Right now, we are working on improving image-based automation.

If you could provide the screenshots of the image you use in the action and the screen at the time the bot has to click on the image (when played from Control Tower), that would be great.

Not sure it is the case here, but sometimes scripts are executed much faster from Control Tower, so maybe the bot attempts to click the image too early and it needs a bigger timeout for the action.

For testing purposes, you can provide fictional data that will be in the same format as account numbers, not actual client data, of course.