Control Tower RPA Express License

How can i find the license for Control Tower RPA Express?

Please let me know form where can i find the license.

Hi @praveenc

If you are referring to this license required for using Pro features after the trial, you need to buy a Pro subscription to receive it.

Thanks for the quick response @ashapkina

What are the features that would be activated once the license is activated?

Where can i find the details of the license?

What is the cost for purchasing the license?


You will be able to:

  • install the server component on the server and multiple workstations on separate PCs in your network, from which users will be able to develop scripts and publish them to the server Control Tower
  • run your business processes from the server Control Tower on multiple bots simultaneously
  • manage Bot sources and Users

You will also get 10,000 OCR pages per year, additional access to RPA courses in the Automation Academy, and support account in our support system.


How do i get the license for running multiple bots simultaneously?

What is the cost for the license?

Hi @praveenc, please contact our sales team at They’ll provide all required details about the license.


Thanks for the Update.

Will get in touch with your sales team.

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I have entered the license key, it activated once, but it always shows License expired.
So I again entered the license key, then notification comes by saying License key is not valid.

Will you please let me know why this is happening or whether I am doing any wrong steps.

Hello @pbhandari
License expiration is related only to usage of multiple bots and connection from remote machines to Control Tower. If you don’t need these features, then the Starter version is enough for your work with RPA Express.

Anyway, I will write you to the direct messages regarding whom you should contact in order to prolong your license:)

Best Regards,

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Hi, Please let me know how to renew workspace license for Workfusion RPA?

@ManojPuri If you want to use Pro features in RPA Express, you need to buy the license.
Otherwise, you can continue using Control Tower and Workspace on your local machine with 1 bote. No license is required for it.

I am getting message "Your Intelligent Automation Cloud License " will expire in 10 days. So after 10 days ,will I be able to publish my bots to Control Room? I need to finish all the assignments related to certification. So is there any free extension of license to another one more month?

Yes, you will be able to publish your bots after the license expires.