Control tower Rule query

Can I use the Control tower Rule to create an order loop?
i.e is store number different
(No) order next product
(yes) start next store order

I have a spreadsheet with multiple products ordered from different stores each day. I need to keep the spreadsheet as sales order numbers are been added to it for reference later.
I tried to use current conditions but it creates a large bot and I was hoping make it simpler with the rule in Control tower.

To give you an idea there is over 200 stores ordering up to 50 products in different quantities. Currently all of which is place in our order system manually from a spreadsheet.


@jason_battsdWy Jason, from what I got from the description, yes, you can. You can divide the process into two bot tasks (one for store info, the other one for product info), and add a rule after the second task with three conditions:

  • store number is blank (end process)
  • store number is the same (go to second task)
  • store number is different (go to first task)

Hope this helps.