Control tower Scheduler is queuing bots


We are having a situation and looking for a assistance on that.

We need to automate the bot we have created for every 2 minutes which we did using control tower.

The problem is, it is keep on queuing the bots in the scheduler and bots running slowly. I know we can increase the time interval to avoid this but ideal time we want to keep is 2 minutes since the created bot runs only for a minute. my question is, how can we prohibit scheduler to keep queuing the bots when there is already bot being running on the machine? in that way we can stop multiple bots waiting for run.

looks like with scheduler there is no way we can hold of that but is there any other way which we are not aware of


@rama_rao which version of RPA Express do you use and how many bots did you select during installation?

You can see the version in Help - About WorkFusion Studio - Installation Details.

Hi Ashapkina,

Here is the details

Please let me know for any questions.

@rama_rao please press Installation details on the first screen - it should show the current installed version as on my screen above.
Also, how many bots did you select during the installation?