Control Tower Schedules Stop Running



Hello, I am new to RPAExpress, but I am having an issue with scheduling a process in Control Tower. I schedule the process to run every 15 minutes and it works for a while. After a couple hours the process just stops running. When I go back to the VM, I notice that I am logged out of control tower and have to log back in. Once I do that the process runs again for a few hours. How do I get process to run consistently unattended?


After another day of testing it does appear that the control tower schedules stop running once i am logged out of control tower via inactivity. How do I prevent this?



Hi Shane, the reason for logging out of the Control Tower might be VM going into suspended state or hibernation.
Are you sure the VM is working all the time without interruptions?



Hi Shane, did you have a chance to check the VM settings?