Control Tower showing less functionalities

How I was going through the Automation academy training and came across work fusion tower session. It shows control tower to have many functionalities like Workers, Configurations, Categories, Filters. Additionally the dashboard in the tutorial showed a lot of statistical data on the dashboard which had customization widgets. I am unable to have any of this in my control panel.

Hi @hassanjamshaid,

Could you please attach the screenshot of your issue?

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Maryia Dronets

The Training Videos which per a part of Automation Academy had many other option like Configurations, Workers etc + Widgets in the home screen of dashboard.

I wanted to know if I have less rights or something. But I have installed Local Server on my system.


Hi @hassanjamshaid,
We removed these features from RPA Express to simplify access for business users to Secure Storage and other more popular options.
Configuration, categories, filters, and workers analytics features are available in our SPA product -


I am try to the below highlighted menu in localhost setup. I am going through KB document and not getting any related information.


Can I know what settings need to be done in local to enable above menu to get displayed.

Hi Bharathi,

These options are not available in RPA Express, only in SPA.

@ashapkina Can I have the latest SPA package URL link for download


  1. The link for the SPA page provide (, we are getting scattered page. Can you please help on this to can the latest SPA package URL for downloading.
  2. As we are trying to understand user management (roles/access) in control tower, whether it is possible to provide admin access for any of the below instance.