Control tower stopping intermittently and not opening in webpage


Hi Team,

I am able to install and open RPA express. But, when i started the control tower, it is starting and stopping in 2 minutes. As a result I am not able to access “http://localhost:15280/workfusion/”. Done many times installations and uninstallations with different versions. Tried with troubleshooting guide. No luck. Urgent help appreciated.


Hi there!

In order to solve your failure, could you please provide us a log file, it would be really helpful.

Thank you in advance!


Please also post your PC specification.


rpa-hub-2017-09-14.0.log (11.0 KB)
rpa-node0-2017-09-14.0.log (607.3 KB)
Attached above are the logs.

Below are system specifications.
system specifications


we need Control Tower logs, not RPA

please see


I am sorry about that. Please find the attached file. (976.8 KB)

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