Control Tower Takes 5 minutes between Bots



Hi All,

In a business process we have 3 bots and while running it on control tower it takes 5 minutes between the bots The initial bot starts immediately however the second bot takes 5 minutes to start .

Even on multiple runs it takes 5 minutes to run.
Is there any way to reduce the amount of time taken between them ?


please create a process package and post it here



Got the solution , Missed out the close-on-completion=“true”

It was false when the bot script was created.

Is there any way to set it to true by default ?
Also is there any guide to see what all tags/flags that can be written in the bot script

Thanks !



We’ve got a lot of feedback from users that they do not want to automatically close all automated apps, so we disabled this feature by default.

Some users had actions with system desktop and bot tried to exit Windows after script execution.