Control Tower Unable to Run Business Process because of command prompt?


I am currently trying out the business process via scheduling. The control tower keeps telling me that my process has errors but I have no idea why because I can’t find a way to see the problem in detail. Is there any assistance in figuring this out? My process works when I manually play it on RPA recorder on my desktop.

additionally, this started when

1.i switched to RPA running a python script to get emails instead of manually launching into a browser (due to slow & fluctuating internet speeds causing many exception errors that made me very frustrated)

  1. I started using win +s or win+r as the first step instead (to launch cmd)

Thank you and would really appreciate help

How to record diagnostic information about a business process

@zanette - please post here your recording.

To see errors in Control Tower:

  1. Go to Results tab
  2. Choose task:
  3. Click onj the (i) icon
  4. Post the error logs here:

Log files location / debugging workflows tips
Unable run bot task

Hi azinchuk

Thank you.

The error is as shown:

Is this due syntax error due to back slash being a sensitive character?

The original steps are as follows:

Which is basically, launching command prompt, running my python script, keying in some details, waiting for download, and open the downloads folder in windows explorer before closing command prompt. this is perfectly fine on my computer

unfortunately i’m not allowed to upload .rpae files so I cannot upload my recording.

Additionally, I’m now facing this error for processing my excel files:

the processing is done through VBA macros I created. The problem had not been encountered before


Hi @azinchuk ,

I’ve fixed the first problem. From reading the error log (thank you for teaching how to find it), it turns out that if I had any variable that had backslash, ie absolute file paths I used for command prompt, escape character problems will start happening as groovy is based on java and double backslash is needed. Event recorder variables should have double slash too. I think it would be great if workfusion informs future users on this :slight_smile:

However, the second error still persists randomly. any advices on how it should be fixed?

Moreover, I hope you don’t mind me asking, is the following error below occurred after RPA failed to detect a window (which I had closed earlier by mistake)?


@zanette - please expand the error text by clicking the > blue button and post it here.



we also need logs from {rpa_express_folder}/Workfusion/tomcat/logs/recorderPlugin.log