Control Tower User Guide

Is there a document or maybe video specifically about Control Tower and how best to use it? I find some things relating to control tower quite confusion such as where input data is stored, how to change that input data, etc. For example - when I select the “Data” tab what data am I actually looking at? Is it what was stored when the process was uploaded from recorder? How do I change that if the underlying files change?

I know these are extremely basic questions but I feel that I am quite far along with creating automations but really far behind with deployment to Control Tower - it never seems to work properly for me. I have one relatively complex automation working well now but for some reason it won’t run in Control Tower and I can’t troubleshoot as I don’t understand it well.

Anything that can help?

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Before proceeding to below steps, I recommend to make sure you are using a machine with >=8GB RAM.

  • Restart your machine and start control tower.
  • In the tray, menu, click on restart all components.
  • Start control tower and wait for ‘checking’ status.
  • The above step could take about 10 minutes, stay patient.
  • Once, the status updates to : running, click on control tower and access it through provided credentials.
  • Further, please update java packages on your machine.

Quick starter guides:

  1. Please request for ‘Automation Quick Start Guide 2017’ provided by workfusion team for reference.
  2. YouTube videos.

Let me know if anything else is required.

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Hi Owen, we are working on a guide for using Control Tower.

The Data tab used to create a document storing the values of the variables in the recording, but now we store them directly in the script. However, if you need to upload different values, please refer to this post describing how to do it: 1.2.0 Input Data File No Longer Created in Control Tower


Hi @ashapkina,
Im in the same situation as @Bonnero having a pretty good understanding of RPA express but feeling lost in control tower.
Do you have an ETA on when the guides may be available?


Very appreciated if there’s an easy to refer guide control tower.
It should be great if a recorder script can be easily run in control tower.
Currently, some complex recorder scripts cannot run in control tower after published as a bot in control tower.
It seems there are some compile logic during the conversion to a bot are not friendly to recorder script which caused this problem.
It is supposed to run successfully in control tower like in recorder, there shouldn’t be difference or difficulty of the two ways.

@Bonnero @yangyanz @eaguirreepjIJX @spectator

Hi all,
the documentation on using Control Tower has been published on the KB:
Sorry for such delay.

Please feel free to suggest any improvements for it.

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