Control Tower Users



Hi all,

I have changed the Control Tower user but now i can’t access it. The user and password that I use are the ones that I have changed for.

How can I define users for Control Tower?

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Paulo Matias

Unable to start Control Tower

@Paulo_Matias_AskBlue - have you changed the password for the default user? (workfusion/workfusion)


Yes and now I can enter in Control Tower. How can i create a user in Control Tower and how can I activate de default user?


Currently the User Management option is disabled in the RPA Express license of Control Tower because it is installed on a single machine.

It is planned to be enabled when we deliver the Server installation:

Access to Control Tower

Do you have a estimate time/date to deploy that server version of RPA Express?


It is currently available in our SPA product and we considering to make it available in near future for RPA Express post 1.1 release.


Hello Sasha,

Is there a way I can reset a password to default?

With user setting options I am getting ‘Password should not contain the username’ error for default password.


you cannot reset the password to default - but if you are logged in why do you need to do this?


I was looking at the possible option and changed the password of Workfusion. Now things are stuck.

Now I even forgot the new password and I will have to do re-install if I can’t change the password or reset :frowning:


@Suyog_Doshi_IBM - you are right. Please vote for this feature to prioritize it - Allow to change user password in RPA Express