Control Tower - View Results


I have a process in my control tower i would like to check whether it is running correctly, but when i choose “view results” it stops showing me the flow about half finished. Is it supposed to behave in that way? Or can I assume that the process (that works in the recorder) only gets half finised in the CT?

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please post screenshots of the Design tab, Results > Summary and Results > data

Two sec…

Robottest-3 Process_201708300921.xlsx (10.5 KB)

and the Results > Summary and Results > Data screenshots ?

so the process is 100% finished. What is the exact problem?

As i wrote (edited):

so your bot completed only 50% of steps and then failed?

Yes, but the CT says 100%. Which is not true - the work seems to be stopped when the “run this process” -> “view results” stops showing the robot working (the work is not done in the end). It stops around Mouse Click “//button[@nx-id=‘saveAndClose’]”. The java-popup can’t be closed in the CT without stopping the process, while in works perfectly in the recorder. Will try alternative XPATHs…

This should be fixed in the new 1.1.5 release where we have completely refactored the Bot execution mechanism (it will be the same in Recorder and Control Tower).

1.1.5 will be out in early September.

That sounds very nice indeed :+1: XPATH alternative “//html/body/div[1]/div/div/div/form/div[2]/button[1]” - was not the solution.