Control tower vs RPA express



I am facing a weird issue, my complex script work well on RPA express, however after publish to control tower on same machine script breaks.

Is there any link between control tower and RPA express?
Please help!

Thank you for your help in advice.

Vikas Yadav


HI Vikas,
Does it only happen in RPA Express 1.2.0 or did you have this issue in previous versions?
Please also send the event log with the error message.

Thank you.


I am currently using version 1.1.8 and currently not in situation to move to latest version.

Just a workaround I removed all “wait for image” and control my screen using tab keystrokes.

But surely I need to identify this issues. I will send you reports soon.

Vikas Yadav


Thank you for your reply Ashapkina.

Please see the attached logs. would be helpful if you are able to locate anything for me.

Vikas (247.1 KB)


Vikas, please send these logs, too:
C:\RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\logs folder
C:\RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\tomcat.txt file

Thank you


Vikas, could you please send the logs above so we could have a look?
Thank you.