Control Tower - Where is Scheduler log located?


I have created some schedules, they ran and now I want to see if everything went well.
Is there a log with details in regards to scheduled executions?
If yes, where is it located?

Kind regards,

Any input on that?
Maybe @ashapkina can help?

Hi Dimitrios,
You can find information about scheduled executions in scheduledUpload logs located at C:\RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\logs.

Hi @ashapkina , I need to check the logs for a BP run on specific date. I mean whatever we see in โ€œiโ€ icon in BP event logs, where can we locate the log file for this? (ex: )

@divyadevarashetti do you need the Scheduler logs or the standard logs for the business process?

@ashapkina standard logs for business processs

Any errors the BP has are recorded in the event log in Control Tower. Other logs about the business process are recorded in the node logs in RPA\logs folder on the server.

Do you know that log file found in Workfusion Studio? That file that stores the values โ€‹โ€‹of the variables? So, I would like to know where this file is located when I run the robot in Control Tower through the Business Process.