Control Tower / WorkSpace access issue

Scope of problem:
We have an Intelligent Automation Cloud Express v2.4 (both «Development Workstation» and «Server» versions) installed on a Virtual Machine (VM), running Windows Server 2016 RDS.
Upon installation of the following Windows updates:
• 2020 02 Cumulative update for Windows Server 2016 for x64-based systems (KB4537764)
• 2020 02 Cumulative update for Windows Server 2016 for x64-based systems (KB4537806),
We were denied access to the server components of Control Tower and WorkSpace:

Upon attempting to open the Vault component (, we faced the following message:
You can unseal the vault by the entering a portion of the master key. Once all portions are entered, the vault will be unsealed:



  1. Would you kindly provide us with any solution to the Control Tower / WorkSpace access problem?
  2. How to generate a new Vault «master key»?

Hello @artikss,
Not sure about mentioned Windows updates, but looking at error messages, it seems like something with vault access on the specific PC.

  1. Please provide log files from C:\IntelligentAutomationCloud\Agent\Logs\ folder.
  2. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any option to generate new Vault “master key” manually. To be honest, I don’t think that it will work for you.
  3. Could you please let me know whether you have such folder on your PC - C:\IntelligentAutomationCloud\Vault\data?
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Hello, @Lera,
Thanks for your reply.

  1. Please find attached the log archive hereby: (38.7 KB)
  2. Yes, the folder you mentioned exists: see the screenshot below:
    Vault - data
    I do hope this can help. Thank you in advance!

Thank you. Could you please also attach logs from C:\IntelligentAutomationCloud\Workfusion\tomcat\logs\ and additionally file tomcat.txt from C:\IntelligentAutomationCloud\Workfusion\tomcat.

Please find all the requested files attached below:

  1. tomcat file:
    tomcat.txt (333.3 KB)
  2. Unfortunately, I were unable to upload the archive with logs directly, for it’s too large (over 1 Mb).Please find the link to the archive on my Google Drive hereby:

Please advise how much RAM is on your server and how much free memory remains when launching Express Edition. Did you try to launch it closing all other applications? Did you try to use “Run as Administrator” option?

One more question. Did you installed all required Windows updates? As per this link there might be some issues with Windows Server container images.

Thanks for your concern!
“Run as Adminsitrator” option has resolved our issue: we’ve retrieved the access to the CT/WS/Vault components and haven’t been blocked upon restarting WF in standard mode.
Apart from the WF RPA Express Edition, we had only Outlook running on the VM. When we tried to launch RPA Express as Administrator, Outlook was running as well.

Our server has 16 GB RAM in total, with RPA Express running - 8 GB of free RAM.

Am I right to assume that the access problems resulted from issues with Vault “master-key”?
If so, despite the fact the problem has been resolved, is it possible to continue the investigation and determine the initial cause for the Vault problem?

Concerning the updates installed, – I don’t have the detailed information by now, but I’ll provide you with it upon retrieving.

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Great news, thank you for the update :slight_smile:

We know that sometimes Vault can not be started quickly and got unsealed to use secure data (like credentials). We already escalated it to development, so maybe some fix will be provided, but from now it looks like it occurred randomly.
I also have a question regarding account that you’re using to connect to server. Is this the same account under which Intelligent Automation Cloud was installed initially? If not, will be good to check under that account.

@Lera, [quote=“Lera, post:8, topic:65991”]
Is this the same account under which Intelligent Automation Cloud was installed initially?

Yep, the account is the same. Thank you for support, looking forward to the upcoming updates! :slight_smile: