Convert pdf to html

Hi!, I would like to know if you can convert pdf documents to html, to obtain the information from that html file and avoid errors with the OCR Image, in addition to the sum of OCR image that you have to do may be greater than 10,000 per year.
If you can, how should I do it?

Thank you


@marcosmarfeo you can use OCR plugin for it.
Read more here

Note that plugins can only be used in the Code perspective, so you will need to export your recording as a bot task first, and then add the plugin.

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Hi @ashapkina. I do have a question though, this plugin will use OCR regardless the type of pdf used as input right? So if I have a native pdf that I want to export as HTML, I understand this would not be the best approach to take. Do we have any WF OOTB task or tool that can convert searchable PDF in HTML?