Converting CSV to XLSX

Looking for a way to get a list of files and easily convert them from CSV to XLSX. Been trying and have been unsuccessful. Trying to convert them to work in the background instead of foreground.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hello @eshea8

Unfortunately there’s no function to convert .csv to .xlsx in the background. So you need to open the file and convert it in the foreground.

Do you have a specific way that you recommend doing this in the foreground? I have been unsuccessful.

Hi @eshea8

So you can open this file with Win+R combination, then via Mouse Clicks using Inspector save file as “xlsx”.
I have attached the example which works for Office 365 Excel. Please be informed that “Selector” can be different in other versions of Excel. (991 Bytes)

You can find how to use Inspector in our Knowledge Base -

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