Converting prices using expressions

Hi all,
I am trying to convert a list of prices based on the exchange rate. I tried the following steps but there is an error at expressions.
Can anyone advice?

It is hard to say without seeing the error, but I think it is because you have dollar sign in the price. You should remove if before doing the calculation.

I tried and got error at step 6. I am lost at the variables. can anyone advice?
Thanks so much.

Please share the error and the details of the step 6.

Thank you.

It doesn’t give any additional information.
Please press Details, copy the error message and paste here. Also, share the screenshot of the details of the action that fails.

According to the log, the value copied from the Excel file is “Product code”, that is why the calculation is failing. Maybe, you copied the wrong column; or you need to use a filer to skip the first cell.