Copy Content From CSV file and paste into a excel sheet

Hi I’m pretty new to RP and have no prior programming/coding knowledge, I’ve been trying to get on the forum for a bit but can’t seem to find a straightforward and easy to understand answer.

We extract data in a CSV format. However, there isn’t really a “drag and drop” read csv function. What’s the simplest way and instruction I can use in WorkFusion to copy data from Row A2 onwards in the CSV file and paste it over in another workbook -> worksheet A2 onwards while not altering the format etc?

Would appreciate it

Hello Klein.
I think in your case would be better to use Inspector functionality. You need to open your CSV file via Launch application and then using object selectors via Inspector store value from A2 cell in Recorder Variable. Then you need to open another Excel file and paste value from variable to necessary cell. You can use Excel actions in the second part, if your file has .xls or .xlsx extension.

Also I can suggest to have a look at Excel Automation Best Practice, it can give you some tips and more understanding.


Hello, sorry for the inactivity, haven’t been working on WorkFusion for abit, by the way I’m really clueles and new to automation, UIPath offered a more straight forward drag and drop interface which is easier to understand.

As for WorkFusion, i tried to use the “Inspector” functionality as you’ve suggested and watched the video, couldn’t really grasp it, is there a simpler way of dragging the functions from the “Actions Library” to read the csv file, copy it and paste as it is in a excel file? It’s literally a 5 step process, Open -> Copy -> Open Paste -> Save

Under inspector I can see the folder in which I’ve placed the .CSV file, the one i want to copy and paste into the excel sheet. However what do i do when I’m here?

Hi @RPALearner93 you don’t need to use Inspector to open the csv file, only to find elements inside the file.
You can open it using Launch application action, and then just click on the cell A2? select the data to need to copy, copy it and save to a variable. Then you can save the copied data in an Excel file using Excel actions.

Here is the screenshot of the actions flow you will need and a sample recording attached.

csv to (1.1 KB)

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Hi i’ve tried to replicate the work flow but can’t seem to run it, how can i run your project on my workfusion? I’ve downloaded the csv to you’ve provided, but can’t seem to just drag and drop your project to run it that easily.

What are the steps involved ? Sorry

Follow this guide to play the recording

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