Copy different cell value in for each option


I have an excel sheet with 3 columns. As I want to do this for a program that is not common I will put an example.

Column one is the plate car. Column 2 is the driver name and column 3 the age. I want to copy this 3 values in a program.

With the plate number I can open a window, where I have to enter the driver name and age.

Then close the window and open for the new plate number.

What I do at this moment is: get the column value for each of the 3 column in a Variable.

I know how to use for each to open each plate number screen. But When I try to type the text for each value of one variable is not possible as when I use the enter Keystokes the index but be a fixed number, but I want that it types the same element position than the plate number but in the driver name and age list.

How I can do that?

Hi @joelalaball you need to copy the whole table from Excel to a table variable and then use For Each loop and index in the Enter Keystrokes action to