Copy / move / integrate Secure Storage records


I’ve been using the WorkFusion Studio / Secrets Vault to record credentials. I’ve tested logins / access in my bots, and confirmed that the credentials are correct.

How do I move these Secure Storage records to another machine?

[1.] I’m migrating RPA development work from a local laptop to a network VM. I need a full copy of my laptop’s Secure Storage on the VM, so that my bots will work there.

[2.] I will eventually promote my bots to a shared production host. I will need to integrate (some of) the Secure Storage records from my development PC to the shared production host’s Secure Storage. There will already be Secure Storage records there from other developers / bots.

How can this be done?

Hi @john_grant if you need to add records to the Studio, you can only do it manually.
For Secrets Vault in Control Tower, and can store the records in a csv file and upload this file to the target Control Towers.