Copy the Excel data in table variable


I want to copy my excel data in the Table variable but i am unable to do it

Can you please help


hi @ALohani_Accenture,

Currently we do not support copying an excel range to a Table variable.

You can use Get Row or Get Column and set them to a List variable.

You can vote for this feature request to raise its rating on our roadmap.

I want to assign the excel sheet value to Table variable

Step Performed

1 Open Excel
2 Copy the content
3 Assign to clipboard
4 Assigning from clipboard to table variable

I believe it is now feasible using “Get Range” command (I am using RPA Express Ver. 1.1.4)


HI Team,

Is there any way to copy paste the entire excel data in Recorder Variable. Excel data includes all Strings, Number and Dates.

Please advise.

@sandeep_timma Sure, use Get Range action and leave to Cell # field blank.

Hi @ashapkina

I am working with a .csv file, and am trying to do similar here. But since it is a .csv, and not a .xlsx, the recorder actions do not support that file type (Will .csv actions/functionality be added in the future?) - so I am instead trying to open the .csv visually, and copy the data in it to a clipboard, and save the clipboard data to a table. Is there a best practice for this type of data manipulation?

In short, I want to:

  1. Open run.exe, type in ‘myFile.csv’
  2. File opens on screen with all of its data populated in it
  3. Use keystrokes to select all the entered data in file, and then ‘Ctrl+C’ to copy it to clipboard
  4. Use clipboard action to save this copied data to a table variable (whether I need to save it to a list first, and then push to $tbl_final_output, I do not know- maintaining formatting that matches the .csv doc is important, here)
  5. Use ‘Open Spreadsheet’ excel action to open a blank .xlsx, then ‘Set Range’ action to place the data from $tbl_final_output
  6. Use ‘Save Spreadsheet’ action and save the file as myFile.xlsx

Overview: I am effectively converting a formatted .csv file to a .xlsx file that maintains all the same data and basic formatting as contained in the original .csv file, if there is a better method than the above, please advise

Hi @Cmoeller do you need to copy all the data from a csv file to a Table variable, not just a part of it?

If you do, then you can use Read File action to read all data from the csv file to a List variable and then parse the data in the list and add to a Table variable. Usually, the separators used in the csv file are: Comma for columns and Linux Line Break for rows. So the workflow will look like this:

All actions will be executed in the background and much faster.

Here is a sample recording (made in version 2.4) (714 Bytes)

Thank you @ashapkina that was very helpful!

Edit: Are there plans for .csv compatible recorder actions in the future? Actions that run in the background like the current provided Excel actions

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