Copy the Excel data in table variable




I want to copy my excel data in the Table variable but i am unable to do it

Can you please help



hi @ALohani_Accenture,

Currently we do not support copying an excel range to a Table variable.

You can use Get Row or Get Column and set them to a List variable.

You can vote for this feature request to raise its rating on our roadmap.


I want to assign the excel sheet value to Table variable

Step Performed

1 Open Excel
2 Copy the content
3 Assign to clipboard
4 Assigning from clipboard to table variable


I believe it is now feasible using “Get Range” command (I am using RPA Express Ver. 1.1.4)


HI Team,

Is there any way to copy paste the entire excel data in Recorder Variable. Excel data includes all Strings, Number and Dates.

Please advise.


@sandeep_timma Sure, use Get Range action and leave to Cell # field blank.