Copying recording steps from one recording to another in RPAx


I need to be able to copy recording steps from one recording to another in RPAx console environment. Let’s say I have one recording with some steps in it, I want to copy recording steps from one recording to another recording in order to re use Steps from my previously created recordings.

Please need help with this…asap


@Sharma_Nikhil - currently, the only way to copy steps from one recording to another is to copy the entire project folder and rename the .rpae file:

Vote for this feature to help us prioritize it.

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hi Azinchuk

When I am doing the same i.e. renaming the .rpae file after copying the project folder, strangely two things happen in original project folder:

  1. .rpae file names get renamed in original project folder too (which should not happen if we are renaming .rpae it in the new folder only)

  2. if I modify any steps in new .rpae file within the copied new project folder, strangely the original .rpae file also gets updated (and this may be due issue 1.) described above, as .rpae file is renamed in original file too)

Kindlly suggest


I think this is one of the most desirable features.

Voted for this

We do have it


That must be a hidden feature:joy:

This facility should also be available as per usual convention using CTRL/C and CTRL/V imho.



Can is see this sceenshot somewhere? I would like to know the solution :slightly_smiling_face:

see the gif animation above

Sorry - my company have blocked the Dropbox-servers. Forgot that…

see this one:


Perfect! Thanks!

I can’t migrate variables - is that correct? :slight_smile:

yes. it is correct


When moving or copying steps from one bot to the other, images which were captured in the steps are missing. Is there anything else we can do to also copy the images within the steps while copying or moving steps?


As a workaround, you can copy and paste image files in the Media Files panel from the source to the target folder.

Thanks for the response,

I think by doing this, I still have to choose new image after pasting the images in the target folder?

Firstly, copy the images, then copy the actions.


Can you please guide me, how to do that?

how to copy and paste images from one folder to another?