Couldn't play recording from RPA recorder

I’m trying to do my first recording in RPA recorder. I’ve added all needed actions, media files etc. Then, when I’m trying to check it by clicking play recording, it doesn’t work. No error windows or anything, I don’t know where can I see logs. Also button “Publish to control tower” doesn’t work too.

It is better to post your scripts here


Hi Diana,
Nothing happens at all when you press the button? Does a window saying Connecting with Robot appear in the bottom right corner?


@diana_aimbetova Please provide more info about your issue (see posts above).
Thank you.

@ashapkina, sorry that I didn’t reply sooner, just noticed your comment. I figured out that play button doesn’t work when I’m trying to play template projects. When I create my own record it works. I’ve restarted rpa recorder deleted all template projects and create the new one and it works fine.


I’m having the same issue.

Whenever I try to play a recording I made on my own or even a template, nothing happens.
In the beginning the “Connecting with Robot…” window appeared, now not even this window shows up, simply nothing happens.

I already tried reinstalling twice.

Thanks in advance,
Nícolas Karnopp

@nicolasruschkarnopp is the Bot manager started in the tray menu?


@ashapkina Yes, it was started, but right after I posted the issue to the topic, it started working out of the blue and I have had no problems ever since.

Thanks for the answer!

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Thank you for the info @nicolasruschkarnopp

If you ever have this issue again - let us know.

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