Create folder with current date


How can I create a new folder with date(today)?


Hi @kaz you can get the current date using Constant value action and convert it to a string variable, and then use this string variable in the folder name like in this example

Hi ashapkina,

Thanks for the explanation.


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Hi, is it possible to use get folder content to iterate through sub-folders and only get content(all files) from the sub folder that was created ‘today’. The sub folders are usually named according to the date.

You can implement this the following way:

  • Get folder contents of the parent folder (only folders ) using filter by Name (regexp .date.} in a List variable. The result will be 1 folder with the current date
  • In For Each loop, use Get contents from each element in the resulting List.
    As there is only 1 result in the List, the script will extract all files from 1 folder with the current date.

Here is a sample recording. (953 Bytes)

Thank you so much for the help, but i think i should rephrase my question.

I have a folder with a few excel files, i want to know if i can use the get folder content to access all those excel files, once the bot can access them i need the bot to extract certain info from each excel sheet and paste in a separate excel(However i do have a script that can extract and paste into another sheet) its just accessing those files without me opening each excel is a problem.

As I mentioned above, in the Get Folder Contents action you can use filter by Name (regex), so you can only get the .xlsx files and then use For Each loop to process them.