Create Process / Schedule - Same Bot Task, Different data sets


I need to create a schedule where it runs the same Bot task in success 3 times in a row but where I change the input data for each run. Tried multiple variations in creating a new process:

  • Tried to copy the original BP for each - Named based on customer - then use them in a new process. Could not find the Bots on the dropdown when I tried to put them in the new process
  • Tried to use the same BP for each step but could not figure out how to change the input data at each step.

Any thoughts on how I can address? Thank you

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Hi @jdoering one simple solution for this is to use s3 storage. You could classify input files accordingly in three different folders. Have each business process take the input data from its respective folder.


I have done that from the local drives with a separate folder for each. However, when creating the process / schedule I do not see how to define the folder/file on each step in the multi-step process. Should I just have the single step and multiple records on the input that point to the files in each folder? Assume it will process each “record” pointing to the individual folders/files?


That is a great idea too. you could have a unique identifier column with customer name and point input and output records towards that direction in your process. sorting with customer name will give you the same functionality as three different process one after another.