Create schedule - Task or Process Definition


I want to create a new schedule for the recently added business process that has the same name as the one which I had earlier deleted. So I have to choose between the two with the same name and there is not the other parameter to distinguish those two processes.
Now I have about 10 business process (active) and in the search box “Task or Process Definition” I have all the process/tasks that I’ve ever made (most of them were deleted). Can you tell me how to approach to all processes that are displayed in the search box and delete those that are not stored in the business processes anymore?

Thank you, @ashapkina

Hello @ashapkina can you please review my latest post? I still didn’t figure out how to erase all processes from the search box in order to avoid having multiple processes with the same name and not being able to recognize which one is active (not deleted)…

Hi @bbulajic

Currently, all processes and bot tasks are available in the scheduler, even the ones that have been deleted from the list of business processes. We are going to fix it for the future releases.
In the meantime, please be careful and don’t create several business processes with the same name to be able to distinguish between them.

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Thank you @ashapkina I will watch out how to name the processes!

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