Creating list item from variables

As my script proceeds, I’m trying to create list items, which will be pushed to a table variable, which will be dropped to a Excel at the end.

I’m trying to create a list item like this:


And this is the result:


So the list item “kind” of works, but of course my goal is to get the value of the variable to the list, not the name of the variable :slight_smile:

So it seems that list variable cannot be used like this. Of course I’m able to push single string variables to a list, which I can push to a table, but this adds many actions to a script and makes it harder to read.

Is there any workaround to this?

@janne_mustonen you can join all these string variables into 1 string, and then split it in a list.

You’ll get a list with values

Requires a little bit of joining and splitting, but this is a working solution and at least much easier to handle than create a list using multiple variables. Thank you for the solution :+1:

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