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Doubt with web:
I have a process that is divided into two parts. One is the login and the other - the navigation of the page. If together both processes in one only works correctly. By separating them and doing the part of the login, it automatically closes when that phase ends. How can I put it when I finish a phase does not automatically close the page and have to do it manually? I have workfusion studio version 2.0

Doubt with credentials:

In version 2.0 of workfusion studio the vault secrets are not added yet. Can I create the credentials in the control tower and add the credentials to the process in some way or do I necessarily have to update workfusion? In the event that it can be done without updating, how would it be done?
I know how to create the credentials in the control tower but not how to link them to the process.

Hi @druizvar
You cannot divide the process of working on a web page - the bot will always close the browser after the bot task is executed. So all the actions need to be in the same bot task. You can read more here

It is possible to get records from Control Tower Secrets Vault through Secrets Vault plugin - you can find info about it in WorkFusion Studio: Help - Help Contents - Bot Task Plugins.
To use it in your script, you first need to export it to bot task.

Although I would recommend updating to a new version, with Secret Vault in the Studio, soon - we are releasing build 2.3 within several days.

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Firts of all thanks for the quick answer…

For get the best performance i will update to 2.3 if i can.

Thank you for fix the problem.

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