Credentials for


Hi Team,

Can we login into with Academy credentials?


Hi @thotla_rajudXc
No, the Academy credentials work only for the Automation Academy website.

You don’t need to log in to read RPA Express documentation.
SPA documentation is only available for partners and customer.


How to get access to


@madhula_dhanas which page do you need to open?


I need to download workfusion spa software. how to download?


@madhula_dhanas you cannot download SPA. Please contact your account or delivery manager regarding SPA deployment.


How to access the courses, power users level 2. I am only able to access only power user level 1.


@madhula_dhanas Power user 2 is not a community course. Your manager needs to nominate you for this course so you can get access to it.


Hi Ashapkina,
I have nominated for RPA Specialist course and power user 2 is now open for me.

I have started the power user level 2 course. But I am confused, the video which I am watching and the dashboard which I have is different. Can you please help me to track on right direction.

What I need to do for sandbox dashboard?

or is this need to install another things?