Crtl + Enter Keystroke combo to send email

My outlook sends mail by pressing CRTL then Enter. When trying to implement this on the keystroke, as soon as I press “Enter” it tries to save the keystroke.

Hi Keldon, do I understand correctly that as soon as you press Enter, the window closes and nothing is recorded in the keystroke field?

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If that’s the case, click Change button again and press Enter.
(Ctrl + {ENTER}) should appear as the keystroke combination.

UPDATE: this workaround doesn’t work in later RPA Express versions.
To capture key combination Ctrl+Enter, you can record it using Insert recording command.

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Ah! That worked! Thank you ashapkina :slight_smile:

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Glad it helped :smiley:

The issue with capturing key combinations with ENTER has been fixed in the latest application version.