Ctrl+C doesn't copy empty cells to table variable

I have copied cells from excel or any window that represent data in tab separation format.
If the cells are empty, the table is skipping that cell and replacing that with next cell values and so on.

Hi @pavan.karasala do you copy these values in a table using Clipboard action?
Can you share your recording or the screenshot of the Clipboard action?


Follow the below steps.

  1. Copy data from an excel with spaces in between columns using the getRange from Excel Action library or copy data randomly from some UI which contains empty cells in between using ctrl+c.
  2. Now transfer that data to a table using setRange from Excel Actions library or using clipboard action library.
  3. Try to use that table and set it back to a new excel or Print the table in a log file.
  4. You will see that empty cell are replaced with data in its next column.

@pavan.karasala I couldn’t reproduce this issue.
Can you share your recording?


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Step8. Test1 is an xlsx file with below content.

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Step 12: Am just write the empty date to a text file.
Step 13: Opening an new excel named Test2.xlsx
Step 14: Copying the empty table to Test.xlsx

Thank you for providing such a detailed explanation.
I managed to reproduce this issue. Weäll look into this.

@pavan.karasala there is a bug in the current version. Thanks for reporting.
We have created a ticket to fix it.


Is there an update on this bug?


@svarela1a sorry, not yet. It hasn’t been fixed for version 2.4.