Current Server time in Scheduler is wrong

Hi @dagfinn_kasspf,

Yes, currently the server time is set according to GMT, and all business processes are triggered according to GMT. Please take it into account when setting the schedule frequency.

Regarding the Time Shift the schedules are going to re-calculated automatically or since server uses GMT 0 we must do some manual actions on every time change?

As the Schedule does everything according to GMT, you should adjust your schedule frequency to GMT, too.

For example, if you need the process to start at 5pm your time, and your time zone is GMT+3, you should schedule it to 2pm.

I understood that, but the day the time zone will change to winter time (i.e. GMT+2) I’ll have to adjust the schedules again manually, correct?
(In your example change the schedule to 3pm)

Yes, you will need to adjust it to winter time. In this example you will need to change it to 3pm.

Thank you.
Are there any plans to change that?

There are. I will keep you in the loop and let you know when we have a more defined ETA for this fix.

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I would like to add my thoughts that being able to change the time on the server is extremely important.

Business Processes that have strict SLAs should not be impacted when someone forgets to change ALL of their schedules twice a year. Think about something that has to be done AFTER midnight due to some sort of regulation. When time “falls back” as it did this month, now the process that was schedule to run at 1215 AM local time, runs at 1115 PM local time, the previous day. That can have VERY serious impacts depending on the industry.

This is a high-priority enhancement in my opinion.


Thank you for the input Jim.

Let me check with the team for the ETA for this improvement.

Thanks! I have also sent this to Valeryia, so she is aware as well.

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Is there any update on this?

It hasn’t been fixed yet. The server time is set according to GMT.

hi @ashapkina
Can we change the time on the server on the new version?

Hi @h01234567 no, sorry. Implementation of this feature has been postponed for now and we currently don’t have ETA for it.


Is there an ETA on this fix?

Hi @svarela1a no, there is not.