Custom Actions in RPA Express

Hi ,

How can we use custom actions ?

If I need to write a custom utility , can we do the same from RPA Express ?

Runa Pal

Hi @Runa_Pal,

custom actions are not implemented i n the current version of RPA Express and planned for future releases.

Please vote the topic to promote implementation of custom actions.

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I have voted the features to come on next release



Create a custom action functionality is in RPA or it is SPA only? If it is RPA then in which version it is? and how we can do the same?



This feature is not available yet.

Thanks for quick reply. Is it in SPA?

It is a feature for RPA Recorder as you can see from the post’s category.

I can see it but how can I create a custom action and import it in RPA?

As I’ve already wrote, the Custom Actions feature is not available yet.

I am currently working with RPA Express and I have noticed the custom action button on the left but cannot seem to do anything with it. I’m wondering whether it is possible to create my own ‘sub-process’ with defined inputs and then apply this recursively to different parts of the whole process I wish to automate.

An example of this might be:

Copy a range of cells -> paste into another worksheet

with inputs as range of cells to be copied and outputs as the updated worksheet.

Any ideas are welcome.


Dear @john_mj_breen,

Unfortunately, the Custom Actions feature is not available yet.

Ivan Kavaleu

can we have an action in the actions library to write code ?

@abhaya_jeyar @john_mj_breen @harsh_kapoor @ALohani_Accenture @Runa_Pal
The custom actions feature is now available in RPA Express 1.3.0.