Custom Actions - Scripting

Hi WorkFusion,

Just installed new version of RPA Express 1.3.0. Want to learn more about Custom Actions. Request to clarify below questions, as i want to learn more about writing these scripts.

What type of coding experience is required to write custom actions scripts? - I’m not a coder’.


@narendra_purTG You should know groovy to write custom actions.
But if it is something very simple, you might not need any specific experience to create it.
We have provided script samples to give am idea of what can be done with custom actions.

@ashapkina How to perform following the action in the custom script

  • press winkey +r
  • past variable

@Lasitha_Wijenayake You can do it like this

sendKeys(Keys.chord(Keys.COMMAND, 'r'))

Don’t forget to define your variable in the script.

But it will be just the same as using keystrokes actions.

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