Custom script has server problems (Server Multi bots)

Hi all,
I use Custom Script to get the current date value. Enter in the variable named “e_date” and the date back from the current 30 days. Enter in the variable “s_date”.

Custom script example:

@CustomScriptAction (
output = 'e_date'
def customScript () {
def e_date = ()


@CustomScriptAction (
output = 's_date'
def customScript () {
def s_date = (). minus (java.time.Duration.ofDays (30))

But found that when the first work can be done normally But if stopped during work And rework the error according to the attachment events_root_dba14000-b2b5-4cd0-84d5-c0809bca845d_2562-03-19 02_17_24.xlsx (5.8 KB)

Hi @nopparat_mueNq,

Could you please clarify your RPA Express version?
Also does the issue occur only when you’re trying to run it in Control Tower or also in Workfusion Studio?
Maybe you can share your .rpae file in which the issue occurs?

You can also try to use the custom script from our actions library which calculates period of dates from the current date to seven days before today. You just need to change Period.ofWeeks(1) to Period.ofDays(30). This may help:

RPA Express version 2.1.1

This problem is found when it runs on the Control tower for the second time after stopping during run.
But in the Workfusion Studio, this problem was not found.

Hi @nopparat_mueNq,
Could you please try to update to latest version of RPA Express and check whether the issue still exists?

I didn’t try the latest version because it still has a problem with the clipboard that is running very slowly. If corrected, I will try it again


Hi. Could you please clarify what do you mean by “after stopping during run”? Do you try to stop business process manually?

Thanks in advance!

it mean at the first time running or bot starting it work but once there was an error occurred and the restart the bot again it could not.

Do you mean while clicking “Repair” when process fails

It doesn’t work?

Hi @nopparat_mueNq Is this still actual?