Data extraction from .htm file


How can I extract data from .htm file?

Thanks & Regards,
Mouli Malakar

@mouli.malakar You can use xpaths just like on every other web page. They work on the page you provided.


Which browser are you using? Because I can’t see xpath when I am using standard chrome browser.
Could you please take a screenshot and share.


Is it possible to connect over GoTo Meeting some time today and understand this through screenshare. I need this urgently for a deliverable.I am available from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. EST.

@mouli.malakar I was using Chrome. You can see how how to copy xpaths here:

While opening this link using workfusion, getting the error image

Any idea why?

@mouli.malakar I need more details to say anything.
Please post the details of the error, and share you scripts or the screenshot of the Open website action.


PFB the screenshot.

There is a different error now.
Please share the details of the error.

Mouli, could you provide the details of the error?


I have shared the screenshot above. Whenever I I am trying to run this script, I am getting this error at the first step itself.

Thanks & Regards,
Mouli Malakar

Please press Details>> on the error message and share the whole text of the error here. Thanks.

This is weird. Are you sure it fails on the first step (Win+r)? Maybe, you could post your recording here, we’ll have a look. Right now, it is hard to say what might have caused this error.