Database issue in workfusion


I am new to work fusion. I want to know about the database. How can we perform various actions in database, and where to config all these actions.
Please help



Have you installed the RPA Express?

yes I have installed

So what is the exact question you want to ask? Do we have an action in RPA Recorder to access a database?

actually want to know how can I select or insert the data in a database and all the solution which I have gone through the forum they are writing the script where exactly the script is configured in RPA Express

You need to create a bot task in Control Tower for this purpose.

See also Datastore plugin

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Okay I try and Thanks for the help, if any issue come will let you know

Hey can you just show the steps of this.


see Create a New Bot



I have one more doubt, the data base connectivity part where should that thing to be done in RPA Express.
Please help.