Date Format Action is NOT working properly

i’m trying to compare received date and current date

variable ‘received_date’ is “2018/12/26 09:20” and this is String Type.
variable ‘current_date’ is “2018-12-26T09:26:45+09:00[Asia/Seoul]” and this is DateTime Type.

and then I tired to use Date Format Action make the received_date formatted to DateTime Type.

but it doesn’t work. and keep error comes out.

Could you plz check this?


Hi @jayj.j! Which version of RPA Express you use? You can find it in Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features in your PC.
Also please advise what are language and regional formatting settings in your PC.
Thank you!

This is my settings below.

RPA Express Version
Language : Korean
Regional formatting : Korea (Republic of Korea)

Thank you.
One more question. Is “2018/12/26 09:20” in 12-hour or 24-hour format? It looks like it’s in 12-hour format, and in this case you need to use “Format” like yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm - pay attention to capital HH.
Please try and let me know whether it helps.

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